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#Let's write a reviewOn the OnlineVoice website, search for the business or company that you want to review, then go to the company's profile page.On the company profile page, select the Write a review link.Select the number of stars that you want to give the company.In the Your review field, share your buying or service experience. In the Title of your review field, give your review a name.If you want to, add the reference, booking or tracking number that corresponds to your buying or service experience. This helps the company identify your transaction if they respond to your review.Select the Post your review now button to post your review.If you're not signed in, verify your identity with Facebook, Google, or your email address. After you've followed the prompts, your review will appear on the company's profile page.

This can be a little tricky. Product Reviews are best for tangible products. This is to avoid confusion between a service that overlaps with your business’s general service. But yes, some services can also be a product. Here are some examples:Specific movies and theater showsOnline courses (e.g. Italian)Car washes (e.g. premium wash)

Absolutely. By enabling search engines to index your Product Review content, you'll help potential customers find your product pages. TrustBoxes allow search engines to crawl the content, giving you SEO benefits to boost the organic ranking of your site. Our Product Review SEO can be used to display your Product Reviews from OnlineVoice. If you’ve collected reviews from sources outside of OnlineVoice, use one of our Product Reviews.

You can use your Product Reviews to improve your rankings on Google by using Google Shopping Ads. With our Product Review integration, you can add stars to your Shopping Ads. To get started, you’ll need a Google AdWords account and a Google Merchant Center account. Then, you can begin feeding your products directly to Google Shopping.

Be sure that you’re doing the following:Apply to get your star rating in Google Shopping Ads. Read Google’s Products Feed Specification to learn how to get a feed of your products to Google.Meet Google’s minimum Product Review requirements. To be listed in Google Shopping, your company must have a minimum of 50 Product Reviews. Your product needs at least three reviews, including one from a customer that you invited to leave a review.Send the right SKUs and/or product URLs. The data you send to Google must match the data you send to OnlineVoice.cp.